“In our day to day lives, we are surrounded by images of Indigenous disadvantage and disempowerment that stifles Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders women’s confidence and dreams. In community, the truth we see couldn’t be more different. There are so many inspiring Aboriginal women creating lasting positive impacts around Australia and our team believes it’s time we celebrate the achievements and resilience of these girls and women.

We know that Aboriginal communities thrive when women have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and their goals, to connect, create and inspire others. We need more Aboriginal women in Australia achieving their goals towards equality and social justice. Culture, leadership, confidence and connection to positive Aboriginal female networks are essential to this process.

This program will encourage women to drive change and create momentum to build amazing futures for themselves, their communities and those around them. Harnessing the community-led power of social media, the Yanalangami campaign will shift the media perceptions of Aboriginal women, from one of disempowerment to empowerment. Centring our women’s voices, aspirations and dreams”

Dr. Belinda Russon, proud Yugambeh woman & Tranby’s CEO

Aboriginal-led leadership program empowering Indigenous Female Changemakers

The Yanalangami Program

The Strong Women, Strong Communities campaign will bring together, support and grow the skills of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female changemakers around Australia.

This exciting program will strengthen women’s self-confidence, professional skills and community networks to encourage Indigenous female-led change. It will inspire, connect and culturally ground women, together finding their strength and amplifying their voices as powerful agents of grassroots change.

Yanalangami – to walk together, me and you

Yanalangami is a Darug Nation word which emphasises that we as women must first begin walking our own journey, to bring others along on the journey with us. Yanalangami demonstrates that we cannot do it without each other. As women, we have for thousands of years, been strong together, moving forward together as a community of resilience. But to be strong as a collective, we must first honour ourselves with love and respect to give to others. To mentor other women and walk together in strength, we must individually experience walking that journey alone – to learn and honour our individual power.

Today us women face many challenges. Every one of us has at one time experienced a place or a situation where we didn’t feel strong, heard or respected. As individuals we have walked this journey, and as a collective we can walk this journey together – sharing our stories, our dreams and combining our strength. Yanalangami – We walk together, me and you, we share our stories, and we learn together. Yanalangami – Me and you, we are strong together, for each other and for our families and communities.

Aboriginal Advisory Council

Creating sustainable community-led solutions needs many voices, ideas and experiences to be considered and shared.
To ensure our program is culturally appropriate, relevant and is community-driven we have asked some Indigenous community Changemakers from around Australia to assist us in the development, delivery and promotion of this program.

Our Advisory members include:

Aunty Cleonie Quayle

Proud Maljangapa woman of the Barkindji nation.

Katriina Heikkanen

Proud Worimi woman from Forster on the mid-north coast of NSW

Medika Thorpe

Proud Gunnai, Gunditjmara and Gooreng Gooreng woman.

Leila Smith

Proud Wiradjuri woman whose family is from central New South Wales