What out Changemakers say:

“It has been such a blessing to be a part of Yanalangami & be surrounded by such strong women with such big visions. It’s been really inspiring and has pushed me so much to do my part.. to push for what I’m passionate for and where I want change to happen”

Kimberley, proud Wiradjuri woman
Emerging Changemaker

Women’s Voices

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s Wiyi Yani U Thangani Report 2020 (‘Women’s Voices’ in Bunuba language) clearly sets out the systemic barriers facing First Nations women and provides a clear and compelling roadmap for future action to address structural inequalities. It also gives voice to the stories, experiences and testimonies of First Nations women and girls throughout Australia.

Yanalangami’s culturally safe design in the learning materials and methods acknowledge the holistic approach needed for empowering First Nations women and girls. As a culturally safe leadership program, Yanalangami reflects the values, findings and recommendations of the report and supports every aspect of it, including the call to action.

In summary, the Yanalangami Program enhances:

  • The activation of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Women’s’ leadership on the ground
  • Strengths-based frameworks that are female-led and culturally grounded; guided by Elders and Indigenous female community members
  • Safe and culturally supportive spaces for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander girls and women to connect, yarn, grow and lead
  • Communities of support for strong women and strong communities
  • A ripple effect of change that is community-led and community controlled
  • A systems-change approach to leadership and personal and professional development
  • Holistic approach, centred on healing and truth telling
  • Community-focused model, creating positive contributions to overall family and community social and emotional wellbeing

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Why Yanalangami is important

Too often we see images in Australian media of our Aboriginal women and communities who are disempowered, who are “victims” or who are struggling. In our communities, despite the immense challenges our mob face, we believe that Indigenous women are pillars of strength – for their families, their friends and their communities.

The Strong Women, Strong Communities campaign celebrates the many Indigenous female community leaders who are passionately creating change around Australia.

These matriarchs are our tiddas, our Aunties, our mothers, our nans and our friends. These women give so much love and energy to their communities and work tirelessly to leave this world a better place. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women are the backbone of our communities, and are often the frontline of change.

The Yanalangami Campaign and program is designed to celebrate, connect and inspire these women. Bringing Changemakers together through online learning and yarning circles to enhance our women’s skills and strengthen the tools they need to walk the next part of their incredible journey.