Our Story

Who we are

Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education and Training, fondly known as Tranby, is Australia’s first and longest running Aboriginal-controlled education organisation in Australia. Our culturally meaningful Campus has stood on Gadial / Wangal land since 1957, providing vital education services to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Nationally for over 60 strong years.

Our difference is that we teach through cultural ways of learning, knowing and being. Our accredited and non-accredited courses are written by and for Aboriginal peoples to ensure that the content is meaningful to the peoples who study them.

To find out more visit our website www.tranby.edu.au

The story of ‘Yanalangami’

Yanalangami – to walk together, me and you

Yanalangami is a Darug Nation word which emphasises that we as women must first begin walking our own journey, to bring others along on the journey with us. Yanalangami demonstrates that we cannot do it without each other. As women, we have for thousands of years, been strong together, moving forward together as a community of resilience. But to be strong as a collective, we must first honour ourselves with the love and respect we give to others. To lead others, we must first embrace the journey alone, connecting to our individual power and committing to our continuous learning. Then we can walk together, me and you, in strength, to mentor other women by sharing our stories.

Today us women face many challenges. Every one of us has at one time experienced a place or a situation where we didn’t feel worthy, heard or respected. As individuals we have walked this journey, and as a collective we can walk this journey together – sharing our stories, our dreams and combining our strength. Yanalangami – We walk together, me and you, we share our stories, and we learn together. Yanalangami – Me and you, we are strong together, for each other and for our families and communities.

The deadly artwork

A big thank you to the ever deadly, Angie Cleaver a proud Palawa woman for this incredible artwork that celebrates women, women’s business and collective strength. Angie painted this beautiful artwork to represent the colours of traditional bush foods like berries, plants and seeds which was often women’s business – their time to care for Country, provide for community and to connect, sing, laugh and yarn together.
Artwork by Angie Cleaver – follow her journey @angie_lee_7

The program journey

In March 2020 Tranby held a one-day program with funding from NSW Women called ‘Talkin’up Aboriginal Women’s Leadership’. This day connected Aunties, Elders, Tranby Alumna and Aboriginal women from our local area to share space, ideas and yarn together.
Sitting in a circle and yarning about what empowers us as women highlighted a desire for more spaces of women’s business that inspire connection, strength and healing. After the event, our Tranby team searched for grants that would assist us to develop a program to connect young women and Elders together to yarn about what makes us strong, supported and connected.

2021 proudly funded by the US Department of State

In late 2020 we received a prestigious grant from the The U.S. Department of State’s Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) to create the first-ever national Indigenous women’s leadership program. In March 2021 we opened applications for the inaugural Yanalangami: Strong Women, Strong Communities Program and were overwhelmed with the number of deadly female applicants that we received. For our team and our Yanalangami Aboriginal Advisory Council (AAC) the large number of applications highlighted the need and appetite for an Aboriginal-led female empowerment and cultural connection program like Yanalangami.
Following the successful campaign, we enrolled 16 Indigenous Female Changemakers from around Australia. Of these 16 inspiring women, fourteen completed all modules of the program. To meet our 2021 Indigenous female Changemakers click here.

Yanalangami 2022

NSW in March

Our team is proud to have built meaningful partnerships in 2021 that will sustain the program and assist it to grow throughout 2022 and 2023. In March 2022 we will run our first-ever short face to face version for Aboriginal Female Changemakers in NSW. This program will build women’s confidence, skills and connect them to positive Indigenous female role models and Elders throughout NSW.

National Program – Applications opening in March

In line with the 2022 International Women’s Day theme, #BreakTheBias, Yanalangami will showcase our tiddas, Aunties and Indigenous female Changemakers from around Australia to highlight the incredible diversity, resilience and strength of our community female leaders. The event will aim to show Australia that our women are resilient, diverse and talented leaders who are #NotYourStereotype.
On 8th March 2022 Applications will open for the 2022 National Yanalangami: Strong Women Strong Communities online program. This will be a national call out for nominations and self-nominations for the online leadership and empowerment program. As in 2021, this course will grow women’s professional skills, confidence, cultural strength and networks, supporting them to achieve their dreams for grass-roots community change.

Lutruwita (Tasmania) in September
In consultation with local community, in September Tranby will run a face-to-face program for women in Lutruwita. This is an exciting partnership between Yanalangami and the Aboriginal community in Lutruwita, seeking to grow connections, share resources and skills and ultimately, empower girls and women and strengthen community.