The Yanalangami Program

The Yanalangami: Strong Women, Strong Communities program acknowledges that strength comes from a deep connection –including connection to culture, connection to ancestors, connection to other women, connection to community. Starting with this connection, the individual woman is further empowered in her personal journey of making positive change happen.

But First Nations women face systemic barriers that need to be overcome not only through individual effort but through collective action. Yanalangami –walking together, you and me –recognises that this is a shared journey and that together we can make our individual dreams come true and also overcome the systemic barriers that have held all of us back for far too long.

What is the program?

The Yanalangami program is designed to actively empower Indigenous female changemakers working in and for community, by elevating their voices to inspire others and challenge stereotypes. The learning space and learning materials are created and delivered through a holistic approach of healing for our women and our communities.

The online program is delivered in two streams; Emerging Changemakers (6 Week program), and Community Changemakers who undertake an additional 4 weeks of professional development training (10 Week Program).

Each week Changemakers complete a series of pre-session online learning materials which includes readings, videos, questions, and self-reflection tasks. These materials have been specifically designed in line with Tyson Yunkaporta’s 8 Way Method, flowing through Aboriginal cultural learning frameworks.

Following this pre-session work, Changemakers attend weekly yarning circles, featuring guest speakers (generally from the AAC) who share their personal stories, reflections and leadership lessons with the group. All sessions are facilitated by Aunty Bernice Hookey, proud Waanyi Woman, who leads the conversation, activities and encourages all Changemakers to meaningfully contribute.

Combined program (6weeks)
Community Changemakers (4 weeks)

For Emerging & Community Changemakers, including:

  • Online self-paced learning materials (Approx. 2 hours per week)
  • one-on-one mentoring
  • 6 x 2 hour culturally safe yarning circles led by Aunty Bernice Hookey
  • Guest speakers/facilitators

Total commitment = 6 Weeks for 4 hours per week

For our Community Changemakers, including:

  • Complete the combined program
  • 4 x 1.5 hour culturally safe professional workshops on a variety of topics
  • one-on-one professional coaching
  • Business and project planning advice & support

Total commitment = 10 weeks
(6 weeks for 4 hours per week / 4 weeks for 2 hours )

Who is the Program for?

We are seeking Indigenous Female Changemakers who are passionate about community-driven initiatives that improve the lives of girls, women and community members. These women may be community advocates, community service workers, Aunties, professionals, students or inspiring women who have a dream for grassroots change.

This program is ONLY for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander women who currently live in Australia.

To apply, you must select whether you are an Emerging Changemaker or a Community Changemaker.


17 years +


25 years +

Girls & women who:

  • dream big and strive for positive community-driven change inspire others
  • connect with others in community to help create change
  • feel passionately about an important issue or problem facing community and have passion and determination for addressing it
  • Those who have the passion to lead but lack the skills or confidence

Women & girls who can undertake a 6 week online program and are committed to engaging with Yanalangami for 4 hours per week.

Girls & women who:

  • have worked with or are currently working with community
  • are recognised as leaders in their communities
  • have identified an important issue or problem facing community and have a new idea for addressing it
  • have connected with others to help create change
  • have inspiring stories to share with girls and women
  • Are determined and selfless in the ways they support community and contribute to making Change happen
  • Are committed leaders who may lack confidence and/or skills

Women who can undertake a 10 week online leadership program and are committed to engaging with Yanalangami for approx. 4 hours per week. Additionally, these women are committed to engaging with professional coaches throughout the program.

What will I learn?

The Yanalangami leadership materials and program uses self-reflection and personal journey mapping to strengthen women’s self-confidence, professional skills and community networks to encourage Indigenous female-led change. Yanalangami inspires, connects, and culturally grounds women, together finding their strength and amplifying their voices as powerful agents of grassroots change.

As a Yanalangami Indigenous Female Changemaker you will:

  • Build Aboriginal female networks of strength and support
  • Equip yourself with the tools and skills to be an ethical and confident leader
  • Culturally ground and connect to your individual power
  • Strengthen your professional skills, including managing personal expectations, having challenging conversations and understanding work styles
  • Feel confident in your personal and professional skills
  • Learn the importance of self-care for leadership
  • Become a vulnerable leader, healing community through story-sharing
  • Understand how to effectively communicate your vision for change and seek resources (grants and programs) to make your dream happen

What our changemakers say..

” I’ve really enjoyed this process…

I’ve been able to connect to myself deeper and also to culture more deeply as well…

This program is really needed to help women step into their power “

Danni, proud Wiradjuri woman
Community Changemaker

What are you waiting for? Step into your power and Apply Today!

Become a Yanalangami Changemaker !