Walk with us and Get involved

Creating sustainable change requires many passionate hands working together.

We invite you to walk with us, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous women and men to contribute to this journey of female empowerment, connection and healing.

Get involved: We encourage and welcome corporates and organisations to get involved and help us make a positive difference in the lives of Indigenous girls and women around Australia. We are currently seeking financial and non-financial supports to ensure this program becomes an annual celebration of women’s pride, resilience and strength in Australia.

If you and your team are passionate about supporting Indigenous Female Changemakers and would like to hear our partnership opportunities please contact us via yanalangami@tranby.edu.au or by calling 02 9660 3444.

Donate: Tranby is a not-for-profit Aboriginal education organisation that relies on community funding to continue providing life-changing and fully-subsidised educational opportunities to our mob. Your donation makes a big impact on our community, nationally.

To Donate, visit Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education and Training